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Working Bee Sunday 6 February 2011

Sunday was a tad windy but with convection that went to 4,000′. The day was spent in a combination of hanger building work, club house tidying and flying.

There were a number of trainees and an AEF, all got to fly. Those that flew with Dennis Medlow got to 4,000′ approx, the others, well…. didn’t.
David Conway took the Motorfalke off somewhere for a while and Mark Newton flew in from Loxton in an aircraft with a serious shortage of wing (probably made up for by the large engine up front).

12 flights in the Pukatek for a total of 2 hours 7 minutes.

At the end of the day the Japanese contingent arrived and was briefed on safety and scary Australian animals. Everyone seemed to enjoy the BBQ which included ingredients from non-scary Australian animals. Redmond broke out the red wine and there was much rejoicing.