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Gliding – the purest form of flight

Learn to fly safely and affordably with the Adelaide University Gliding Club.
Pssst. You don’t need to be a student either!


Try Gliding

The best way to experience what gliding is all about is to try an Air Experience Flight (AEF). During this introductory flight, you’ll experience a flight in one of our two-seater training aircraft with a fully qualified instructor. The AEF will last approximately 20 minutes, during which time you’ll get to have a go on the controls, and gain height in a thermal (weather dependant). Should you be interested in going further with your training, your instructor will explain the process and how you can learn to fly solo and beyond. AEF prices start from as little as $160.

What we offer

Air Experience Flights

Whether you just want the thrill of a ‘joy flight’ or are interested in seeing whether gliding is something you’d like to learn, this is the best place to start.

Learn To Fly

Our instructors will fly dual with you to get you competent to deal with all situations before sending you solo. Getting to solo stage typically takes 20-50 flights.

Advanced Training

Going solo is just the beginning. Our instructors can teach you to fly cross country, compete in competitions, do aerobatics and even learn powered flying in our Motorglider.

Our Fleet

Janus B
ASK 13
K 8
Astir CS77

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Our recent flights


Get started with an Introductory Flight!


Come visit us!

We operate most weekends and public holidays (weather permitting). We are located between the Barossa Valley and the Murray River, near Truro. Make a day of it, and explore some wineries on your way home afterwards!

602 Stonefield Road, Stonefield SA 5356

[email protected]

0450 958 872