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Our Fleet

Janus B


This is the club’s high performance, two-seater glider. It is used for Air Experience Flights (AEFs) and advanced training, especially cross country and competition flying. It was purchased with a generous grant from the Hackett Foundation. The Janus is fitted with flaps to give the benefit of both great climb and cruise performance. The Janus is capable of doing flights in excess of 500km.

ASK 13


The ASK 13 is one of the most popular two-seat trainers in the world. It has beautiful flying characteristics like ‘hands-free’ flying and text-book spin characteristics & recovery. You will most likely do all of your early flying training in this aircraft, and do your first few solo flights in it before progressing to the K 8. The club owns two of this type of aircraft.

K 8


This is the club’s initial single-seater glider. After flying solo in the K 13 for a while, pilots progress to flying the K 8 as it has similar flying characteristics to the K 13. It has great climbing ability in thermals and good handling characteristics. The club owns two of this type of aircraft. Many of our pilots do their first 100km cross country flight in this aircraft.

Astir CS77


The Astir CS77 is our single-seat fibreglass glider. Pilots normally progress to this aircraft after flying the K 8 for a while, and doing some advanced training in the Janus first. It is capable of carrying water ballast in the wings and is good for anything from floating around the airfield, to cross-country flights in excess of 500km, and competition flying.



The Motorfalke is our two-seat motorglider. It can launch without the aid of a winch or tow-plane and can offer extended training flights on days where there is insufficient lift to stay airborne. It is also great for general recreational flying, with flight distances not being limited by soaring conditions.


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