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Saturday 24 July 2010 Working Bee

We had a pretty good start on Saturday morning and by lunch time the winch motor was out and ready for ancillaries to be swapped over. It was here we noted that there were some differences between the two motors. This wasn’t to deter us however as the important things, like engine mounts for example, were the same.

Jon Keatley and his team soldiered on and things started getting swapped around or replaced. Water pump, rear main seal, flywheel, clutch and pressure plate, exhaust manifold and alternator were all installed with no dramas. From here, things got a little interesting. The inlet manifolds were different. We were left with 2 inlet manifolds and 1 carby. After discussing and swapping manifold studs 3 times we were ready to go…or so we thought. Turns out the old manifold had a different stud pattern to the new motor. Fail. Not to mention the BBQ had been cooked so food, fire and beer beckoned! Priorities at this time of the night had clearly changed!!

Meanwhile, the starter motor was changed over on the Motorfalk. This eabled some flying to occur in the afternoon.

The, Redmond got carried away and started to erect the hangar. One side was erected with the ehlp of a cast of thousands.