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SA State Comps

AUGC is hosting the South Australian State Comps over 2 weekends in early March. The comp will be run as a Grand Prix format, which is a new exciting way of racing gliders, and it’s also pretty easy to understand compared to other comps. It is looking like there will be 10+ aircraft flying. There’s a few things to discuss in lead up to the event.

Friday 8 March – Possible Practise Day (if enough demand)
Saturday 9 March – Comp Day 1
Sunday 10 March – Comp Day 2
Sunday 11 March – Comp Day 3
Saturday 16 March – Comp Day 4
Sunday 17 March – Comp Day 5 (Final Day. Presentation after flying.)

Derek has offered to fly with anyone wishing to be coached, in the Janus. This would be a great opportunity to gain some Cross Country and Competition experience with our very own gliding weapon. There should be up to 5 (or possibly 6) flying days. Let Derek  know if you interested in flying any days. We know of Darren so far. Please note, you don’t need to be a solo pilot to benefit from this experience.

The club’s Astir is a very suitable glider for the competition and is available to any qualified pilot wishing to fly it in the competition. You don’t need to commit to fly the whole comp, you can fly as few a days as you like. It would be great to see it flying. Don’t let the title put you off; despite being a State comp, this is a friendly comp, and a good opportunity to learn.