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Flying Sunday 29 November 2009

It was cool and cloudy at Stonefield with a SW breeze that shifted to South later in the afternoon.  Saturday was blown / rained out, so Sunday was the first day of flying for the GUSS students.  They are all very enthusiastic and are enjoying themselves immensely despite Saturdays weather.  They can do with an extra hand or two and the mid week weather is looking better than the weekends.

Anthony Smith spent the day on the winch giving most of the GUSS students basic winch driver training.  This all went relatively smoothly and Derek Spencer even managed to climb away from a couple of launches (both by Mia).  So we concluded that Mia should drive the winch for the rest of the week!

There was only one cable break – a weak link at the end of the day from an over enthusiastic ‘all out’ from ‘Throttle-slam Sam’.