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Flying Sunday 19 July 2009

The day started out bright and early with an enthusiastic Derek scanning the skies for signs of wave with the NW winds.  There was wave, but a long way up.

Flying started at around 1030 with KRO with around 15 kts NW.  The wind stayed pretty consistent the whole day and allowed some great launches to over 2000 ft all day.  ZQ had been partially rigged on Saturday night and joined in the fun at lunchtime.  Thermals were going to around 4500 ft although they tended to be narrow and a bit broken up by the wind.  However, thermal activity continued to well into the afternoon with climbs to ~3000 ft still around after 3pm.

There were two AEFs – Keith’s sister and her partner Michael, both of whom enjoyed their flights in GZQ.  Keith and Lisa also practiced some spins in GZQ.  KRO pumped out training flights all day with a lot of work done on landings.

Huge thanks to Mark Tyler for driving the winch and producing some great launches.