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Flying Sunday 15 November 2009

What a hot day!! Unfortunately the stability in the air didn’t allow things to kick off until the afternoon. But boy, once it did get going it left those on the ground watching in awe as the Blanik and Motorfalke rocketed up to 10,000ft! Thermals were stronger than 10kts. Everything was going great guns until the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped.

Mark Newton came along to help out Derek and Anne (hooray!) and flew with Christian and Matt in the ‘falke. Hopefully Mark had an enjoyable time wherever he went, aside from a long way up. Later, Mark took Matt Chircop on a training flight.

Derek instructed in the Blanik and Anne drove the winch. Thanks to everyone’s efforts we were able to give all our trainees the equivalent of our aim of six circuits or one and a half hours (give or take a little), which was awesome. Mark’s presence even allowed Anne to go through her instructor revalidation!

Take heed of the fact that another qualified person on field could have grabbed a single seater and had an amazing time, while also making things more efficient and fun for the other people there. If you do have the time, please consider making the trip to Stonefield!