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Flying Sunday 10 September 2017

With a forecast predicting thermals up to almost 7000 feet, along with simultaneous heavy cloud cover, we were equal parts of optimistic and baffled regarding what to expect on Sunday weather-wise. For the first half-hour or so of flying around midday, it was sunny but with only mild thermal activity. While Peter Cassidy and Derek Spencer started with the trainees (Little Heath, Ezra, Heather) those who intended to fly single seaters (Ben, Leigh and Teal taking turns in the K8s, Big Heath in his Cirrus, Cath Conway in her Ventus) initially dawdled in hope of improved conditions. Before too long common sense got the better of them and they launched anyway. It turned out to be not as awesome a day as all were hoping for, with a bunch of sub-20-minute extended circuits for thoseĀ  not in shiny, fancy, competition ships. But it was still a lot of fun, with at one point four gliders in a single thermal (Cirrus, Ventus, 2xK8s).

Cath took Flight of The Day in her Ventus (78mins), with Big Heath coming a close second in his Cirrus (71mins). Heather got a 39min soaring flight later in the day with Peter Cassidy, which made her very happy.