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Flying Saturday 9 November 2012

A great day and a great example of how well the club can work!

While the K13 was used mostly for flying AEF’s we did manage to get some flights for Peter Conway in the lead up to his birthday, and also a K13 check flight for Tom Wilksch so he could¬† help fly passengers. There were 11 AEF’s, all of whom had a great flight. Most flights were soaring flights, which really helped to reduce the amount of time the aircraft spent on the ground. Meanwhile the kookaburra was used to run trainees, meaning that almost everyone who wanted to fly did so.

We started early with first flight at 10:30am. The last thermal flight was Tom’s last AEF at 6:30pm, which was an extremely pleasant flight in 1.5 knots, thermalling with an eagle. Flight of the day was around 50 minutes for one of the trainees in the Kookaburra. Max height was around 5800ft.

A BIG thank you to the following people

  • Cath C for lending us the Kookaburra for the day. We couldn’t have done it without the use of that second 2 seater
  • Redmond Quinn and David Conway for helping fly the AEFs and trainees. They all had a great time.
  • All the Cadets who were running around making sure cables were ready to go and gliders were being collected. This was a massive help as it really reduced turn around time.
  • Jess, for that incredible chicken!
  • James for helping collect money at the beginning and the end of the day
  • All the other guys at the launch point who helped with collecting gliders, writing down times, and just generally making sure the day ran smoothly
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY, Derek Spencer, who sat on the winch all day long with not a word of complaint while the rest of us went flying. He tirelessly produced good launches for the rest of as, and didn’t get any flying for himself.