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Flying Saturday 24 October 2009

Saturday was pretty much as forecast except there was very obvious thunderstorms building up to the north with some impressive wave over the top.  The low thermal height (~3,000 ft) around Stonefield made it challenging with fickle thermals.  John Dunstall flew MI and Derek Spencer flew WVA.  Both had saves from circuit height on occasion.

Meanwhile Mark Newton and Redmond Quinn took FQW for a fly across to Waikerie and back.

GZQ and WVA were both derigged ready for the Khancoban trip next weekend. Other stuff got done:

  • Runway 16/34 was slashed in its entirety by Redmond.
  • Some of the cut and painted tyre side walls now decorate the edges of 16/34. We were somewhat sparing till we slash the other runways and see how many tyre side walls are left over.
  • The passenger side brake drum on the winch had its master cylinder replaced and the brakes adjusted
  • New swivels were added to the ends of both cables.