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Flying Saturday 2 October 2010

We had a busy weekend flying. 

Anne and Redmond flew the Falke over to Blanchetown for the SAGA meeting. Cath Conway and Michael also flew the Air Cadets Falke in for the meeting. There are 3 Motorfalkes based at Blanchetown.

Back at Stonefield flying continued while the crew unloaded the slasher off the trailer and set forth to deal with the long grass on the strips. Most of the long grass problem was solved before the slasher died again late afternoon! Thanks to those who dealt with the long grass and to Igor for all the effort he put in over the last few weeks getting the slasher operational.

Congratulations to Sam on his conversion to MI on Saturday afternoon.

We had a great bonfire/BBQ on Saturday night. The bunkhouse hosted a crowd overnight.