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Flying Saturday 1 August 2009

It was looking to be great on the forecast.  Instead it turned out to be too unstable and very overdeveloped.  Any gap that did appear to let some sunshine in was almost instantly plugged by a Cu formed by the thermal from the sun on the ground. Despite this soaring happened – notably James Dutschke in KRO who achieved flight of the day. Allan, Igor, Anne and Mark flew MI with extended circuits in the weak lift.  James Francis of Kadina dropped in with a Jabiru from Gawler to say g’day – he is going to uni next year and is looking for a club to fly with.  The afternoon saw Tefo (also known as Stanley) start training.  Mean while Anthony Smith spliced up two new ropes for the winch traces using the new high strength polypropylene rope.  We will see if that lasts any longer than the nylon.  Anne tested out both ropes on Saturday and they appeared to work just fine.

Whilst collecting the Club Libelle from it’s hangar run, Allan managed to puncture both his front and rear left tyre.  Not sure how that happened, but it must of meant a long and slow trip home.  Those who stayed overnight enjoyed a very nice fire.