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Flying Easter 2015

Friday was a quiet day as there were only three of us to go flying and, as we weren’t in a rush, we didn’t start flying until nearly 2:00pm. The timing was just about right as we found on Myron’s check flight that the thermals were just starting to go and despite topping out at 1700’, we could have stayed airbourne for longer than the 20 minutes we that had. Congratulations to Myron for getting a one hour soaring flight on only his 2nd solo flight. Thanks also to Ted Bowden from BVGC, who took time out from working on his Ka6 to come out and run the wing for us.

Saturday was a far from a quiet day. Derek Spencer’s parents brought up four of his five nephews to go flying. The youngest is 5 and the eldest is 10. A big thankyou to Myron, Darren and Leigh for helping out with driving the winch, running wings etc so Derek could take hisnephews flying. 

Derek and his nephew Toby, got a monster thermal that started off at about 3 knots, quickly picked up to 6 knots and then topped out at 8 knots getting them up to 5300’. Toby REALLY likes spins and so they spent most of that height spinning the glider back down.