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Flying 25 February 2017

It was a pretty busy day, with several AEF/new members, and there was a goodly collection of aircraft flying. But with all that, the club still managed to get some good flying. Conditions were soarable but not awesome, with an inversion at around 3500′ or so and a fair bit of wind blowing the thermals around below that. There wer a couple of flights over an hour. Given how busy the day was, it was probably just as well that our major winch-related crisis occurred right at the end of the day. An unfortunate combination of a faulty winch drum brake and a reversed drogue chute on one launch led to a truly epic cable tangle when the hapless winchie (Ben in this case) attempted to lay the next pair of cables. The winch was left where it was near the end of the strip and the day’s last couple of cables were laid by car.