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Flying 15 & 16 August 2009

Saturday got off to a relatively early start with the arrival of Igor and we emptied the private hangar to get GZQ out. Skies were clear and the wind was moderate. The wind got slowly stronger as the morning progressed. It was a warm day, but this was mostly due to the warm wind from the north. Thermals occurred for a short time till cloud built up and the day cooled down.

The wind was gradually picking up and it eventually got too much at around 3:00pm. We effectively ran a minimal operation given the conditions. Igor showed everyone how to do it by briefly getting away in MI (in a near horizontal thermal) before MI was hangared.  Flight of the day was 32 min which was also height of the day with 3200 ft in GZQ with Robert.  Everyone got at least one flight with the exception of Justine and Mark N.  A big thank you goes to Mark N for doing most of the winching.

Redmond and co collected the PIK at around 10:30pm on their way home from the SAGA meeting.

Sunday was cancelled.  It was very, very windy, but with a stack of Cu, often in streets.