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Fire Safety

New dry powder fire extinguishers have been placed at the following locations:

  • Fuel bunker
  • Pie Cart
  • Winch
  • Between accommodation huts 1 and 2

These will need servicing in accordance with AS1851. Static units should be serviced 6 monthly. Mobile units (winch and pie cart) 3 monthly. The following actions are required at each service:

  • Check that the extinguisher has not been discharged.
  • Check extinguisher for damage and corrosion.
  • Check operating pressure. Gauge pointer should be in green zone.
  • Check that nozzle is not blocked.
  • Invert extinguisher and tap sides to ensure powder remains free flowing.
  • Mark service label with year/month service carried out.

Each extinguisher has a protective plastic bag. It is important that this is retained to protect the unit from UV exposure.

Smoke detectors have been placed in each of the sleeping quarters. These will need an annual battery change in January each year.