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Coaching Week 15-21 December 2014

If you are interested in cross country flying at an advanced level, then here is an opportunity to learn from experienced cross country pilots. Your target is to complete at least one 500+ km flights during the week.


The format of the week will be based around morning briefings and lessons, then to practice at an appropriate level for you. The emphasis will be on how to fly, thermal structure, reading the sky and the ground, choosing a path through the sky and how to get faster from A to B. The opportunity to practice what was learnt in a two-seater together with a coach, or in a lead and follow situation will depend on your needs. There will be a series of lectures covering topics such as hydration and nutrition , recovery, strength and conditioning and sports psychology, weather cycles and interpretation, online portals like OLC and Skylines, instruments and loggers, defining your limits and setting up your own tasks for a specific day.


The venue will be at Fly Down Under‘s facilities at Stonefield airfield. FDU has an excellent meeting room and hangarage for up to thirty gliders. FDU is focused on long distance flights and has a seven day operation with aero tows during the soaring season from November until the end of February. FDU has a large fleet of high performance gliders such as Nimbus 4DM, Nimbus 3DM, Duo Discus, LS4, ASW20C and Super Dimona at reasonable club-rates. There is luxurious accommodation on site at excellent rates, currently this is $60 per day for a room (two beds, self-contained). Hot meals will be served after flying. Participating pilots can bring their own gliders or make use of FDU‘s fleet. Limited hangar space is available.