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Working Weekend 21 & 22/7/2012

That time is fast approaching when we are going to roll up our collective proverbial sleeves and get some work done at the airfield.

The next work weekend is scheduled for the 21st, and we are looking to get a big crew up there to push forwards on the many jobs that need doing. With the moment fast approaching when we will actually have some gliders to fly again, we need to have somewhere to put them! The hanger needs lots of attention, and there are lots of other jobs to do as well!

This will be a work day only (no flying), but to soften the blow we will be having another enormous BBQ and fire at the end of the day. Please let Tom Wilksch know if you can make it and need a feed. A little birdy tells me we have a good chance there will be besser block chicken this time around.

Please get your names down nice and early. The last two times there have been some late comers which has made catering a little tricky. Would like to avoid that if at all possible.

Please remember, without your help the club will struggle to be ready in time for the new gliders and the approaching summer. We need as many people as possible to come out and lend a hand.