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Working Bee Saturday 5 February 2011

A day of cleaning, fixing things and building stuff!  Everyone who came up put in a big effort and deservs a mention:

  • Jess – Cleaned and tidied the entire clubhouse, as well as providing the rather excellent besser block squashed chicken for dinner.  This was seriously yummy!
  • Lana – Cleaned the (very dirty) toilet and shower at the west end of the bunkhouse.
  • Igor – Erected the mast and wired in the arial for our internet.  We now have a very fast internet service with a wireless network in the clubhouse.  In the coming weeks this will be extended out the pie cart.  Amazing job!
  • Derek –  Did a number of different jobs around the place as well as helping Igor with the mast.
  • Redmond – Led the charge with the hanger build.
  • Tim – Helped all day with hanger building.
  • Mark – Came up to go flying and got roped into hanger building instead.  Still got a bit of time in the Motorfalke though, so all worked out ok.
  • David – Helped with hanger building

Not much flying was done, but we now have a somewhat respectable club again, just in time for the arrival of the Japanese on Sunday afternoon.