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Working Bee 5 & 6 May 2012

The following was achieved:

  • The final fastening and capping of the hangar roof was completed.
  • Surface treatment of much of the roof was completed ready for painting
  • 2 rainwater tanks were placed in their final location
  • The doors and associated materials were relocated to the new hangar
  • The trench was excavated for the main doors concrete footing
  • The electrical power trench was re excavated back to the private hangar
  • Dirt was piled alongside the entry roadway in preparation for making the clubhouse/hangar area more floodproof
  • An area was slashed alongside the gate in preparation for the installation of our future
  • A footing hole was bored for the replacement windsock to be installed on the eastern fenceline
  • Multiple holes were bored in preparation for planting trees between the new hangar and the road
  • Some old concrete slabs near the winch shed were broken up
  • A bunch of old fridges were removed from the airfield
  • The Kookaburra did a bunch of flying on Sunday
  • Tom Wilksch with able assistance from Dennis Medlow did a top job of Saturday Night’s dinner.