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Operations Sunday 26 September 2010

Andrew Chircop worked on the winch most of the day. After playing with the carburetor the rear engine is now running well. The front engine has been tuned up and is also performing as advertised. Unfortunately the front engine rear main seal is leaking badly and will need to be replaced fairly soon. In the meantime make sure oil levels are maintained in the engine.

We would like to thank Andrew for finally solving our launch problems and especially Jon Keatley for instigating this critical maintenance work. He and his entourage of helpers have done all the running around and put in many days’ effort over the past months. Igor also deserves a mention for being the first to bring the front engine to smoking life. It is great to see some proactivity from our newer members- we really appreciate it and hope all our equipment can receive the same love and attention!

The grass on the strips is becoming unmanageably long. We need to get the slasher completed quickly. We refrained from operating the Motorfalke today due to the risk of prop damage in the long grass. We did refit the starter motor to the Falke today. Both the starter motor and new battery are performing well.

It was good to see a strong contingent from BVGC out today.