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Operations 20 & 21 November 2010

We had booming thermals to 10,000’ plus both days this weekend.

On Sunday the BVGC crew turned up to take advantage of the conditions. Unfortunately, no one from AUGC came out to fly on either day!

Derek Spencer, Markus Broecker and Redmond Quinn worked on the Puchatek and Motorfalke annual inspections on Saturday. On Sunday Mark Tyler turned up to help out Derek and Redmond.

The inspection on the Puchatek is almost complete.  We are just awaiting the completion of the tailskid repair before finalizing the inspection.  Hopefully the aircraft should fly next weekend.

After an intensive effort the Motorfalke returned to the sky at about 6.30pm Sunday.  It still has a couple of outstanding jobs which will be done over the next few weeks (radio reinstallation, FLARM installation).  The engine is now sporting new upgraded plugs and ignition harness together with a new throttle cable.  The rear shelf is currently missing its outer sections.  These will be reinstalled as part of the radio work.  In the meantime nothing is to be placed on the rear shelf except spare seat cushions and the dip stick (in its holders).

The Fly Down Under crew have started earthworks and steelwork assembly for their hangar.  Derek and Markus managed to talk their way into a drive of the big boy’s toys on Saturday afternoon. Derek reckons he missed his calling as a grader driver!