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October Long Weekend Flying

It was a great weekend except for the high wind on Saturday.

Great to see all the aircraft at the field with almost a regatta atmosphere like the old days.

On Saturday the lift was pretty terrible down low, but if you broke above 2000′ you could find thermals reasonably reliably. Mark Newton marked his “flying” visit to the club with a 45 minutes soaring flight as the first flight of the day but Leigh beat it. Kim van Wessem did crosswind practice with Redmond.

Sunday was a pleasant though mildly windy day but with thermals to 3000′. You had to watch your drift whilst trying to gain height. It was great was to see so many members out on field and three aircraft operating (Kookaburra, K-13 & Astir). A number of training flights were conducted and Leigh, Sarah & Mark (Newton) had some fun in the Single Astir.

At the end of the day we enjoyed a bonfire, BBQ & curry. Thanks to Redmond & Derek for instructing and Sarah Allen, Peter Conway, Leigh for winch motivation. Derek Spencer, Leigh & Kim van Wessem and others helped slash the fast growing vegetation on the taxiways and runways. Thanks to Greg for the Curry and to Christian for making the Thai burgers on the BBQ. Redmond as usual supplied a very nice bottle of red.

On Monday Shari and Kim van Wessem had a flight in QS, about an hour to 5500’ with good climbs, sharing some thermals with Sarah in the Astir.