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New Aircraft Clear Quarantine

On 30 May 2012 the new ASK13s & K8s were unloaded  for quarantine inspection.

Thanks to the club members and others who have made a big effort over the last few days to shepherd our container load of gliders through the import and quarantine inspection process.  Particular thanks are due to Catherine Conway, David Conway, Peter Cassidy from the club and to Kevin Lewis from Air Force Cadet Gliding club and one of his friends.

Due to the requirement to unpack the container for quarantine inspection we then had to borrow trailers to complete delivery.  Thanks to Emilis and ARA for use of their trailers.

One K8 and one K13 have been moved to West Beach, one K13 has been moved to Catherine Conway’s shed and the other K8 will be stored at Stonefield in the short term.  Airworthiness surveys will be required on each aircraft before they are issued with Australian Certificates of Airworthiness.  The K13’s will be processed first in order to get club training back under way.  We need you to help with this survey work over the next couple of months.

We would particularly like to thank Catherine for riding this project all the way through from acquisition of the aircraft in Europe to clearing them into Australia. Our further thanks go to the crew from Fly Down Under for helping us to consolidate the load and pack the container in Germany.  The aircraft survived their extended voyage without damage.  Judging by the number of tie down straps we took out of the container I suspect there is now a shortage in Germany! Our final thanks go to Simon without whose generous help this wouldn’t have been possible and to Anne Philcox and James McNeill for providing support to get fast payments made where necessary to keep the ball rolling.