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Hangar Work 15 April 2012

Dennis Medlow, Derek Spencer, Redmond Quinn, Greg Newbold and the Barossa Valley guys got the roof finished together with some flashing.

They were ultimately defeated by a lack of tech-screws.

The next big shed work weekend is 5 & 6 May.  A dingo digger will be used . There’s a chance that there might be some site prep for the other AUGC hangar too. The following is planned:

  • Finish off the capping on the roof and put in some extra scews
  • Flatten the site for the rain water tanks
  • Excavate the footings trench for the sliding doors
  • Re excavate the trench for the electric power supply
  • Bore a few holes for tree planting
  • Have a big bonfire (fire ban ends on 30th April)