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Flying Sunday 9 January 2011

It looked like we were going to have a smallish day yesterday, with just Greg Newbold, Sam Taylor-Burdon and Mark Newton on the flying list.

Sam did a bit of phone work and arranged for his dad and an uncle to come along, to flesh out the numbers and to give him an opportunity to try out his shiny new passenger rating.

Mark had a few attempts to get away, unsuccessfully.  He managed 9 minutes during one of hiscircuits.  He claimed he could feel the cool tinge to the 20 knt southerly that was prevailing during the day, so he reckoned he had picked the point when the sea breeze was just arriving.

Greg took a launch, and perhaps managed to get above it:  He didn’t come back for over 70 minutes, easily clocking up flight of the day.  He was possibly riding the sea breeze front;  It was clouding-in with overdevelopment down south, and cu were moving over the airfield.  When he landed he said everything was going “up”.