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Flying Sunday 6th September

The day began with a decent wind that picked up to a bit of a gale down RWY29. Derek was able to find some lift on his first flight with Jun, which was well before midday. Wave-like clouds began to appear as the cumulus-like clouds became more scrappy. There was potential to get into this wave, but unfortunately Derek had his only opportunity while conducting an AEF. Raymond, who had the AEF, said that his gliding experience was better than the aero ride in a Nanchang he had had last year, also as a birthday present!

Anne tried her luck with Andrew for 30mins, but again the beckoning wave clouds had to be left behind to get Andrew on the ground in time to not spew in the glider. There was so much strong lift around that was clearly being enhanced by an overlaying wave system. Allan kept current with a short flight. Derek continued training with Jun and also began training Steve, who is aspiring to become an air force pilot. Andrew had another two circuits with Anne and had fun. By the end of the day it was totally still and we headed off for a satisfying pub meal.

Many thanks to Allan for helping out. It was a great day. Oh- and Anne very much appreciated the perfect 2100′ AGL launch!