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Flying Sunday 4 September 2011

We had lots of Scott Battersby’s pax to fly so while they were all having breakfast David Conway thought he would get a couple of early circuits in for Claudia. The Q’s were popping as we launched and we found a couple of knots to 2000′ I think and then I handed over to Claudia for the rest of the flight. Claudia found a solid 6 knots to cloud base at about 4000′ which made for a very pleasant flight.

Good soaring continued through the day with Michael Conway and Derek Spencer getting good flights in MI. Scott Battersby’s and Kirsty’s son Lukas had his first flight with David Conway and laughed all the way up the wire. All the pax had a good time and Shari and Hanna insisted on aerobatics which Derek and David obliged.

The best part of Sunday (Father’s Day) for David Conway was when he launched his sons Michael and Peter in the Puchatek and watched them fly together.

You can’t wrap presents like that 🙂