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Flying Sunday 4 April 2010

There were a lot of enthusiastic people on field Easter Sunday. The Pik and Club Libelle were taken out along with the Puchatek and Anthony and Justine’s Bergfalke. Anne checked Jon and sent him for a solo flight where he *almost* thermalled away. Anne then had a great 37 minute flight with Richard- he thoroughly impressed her with his excellent thermalling skills on what was proving to be a tricky day.

Anthony and Justine had a very long soaring flight together and Peter cruised around for almost three hours in the Pik. His bladder was his only weakness! Mark Tyler and Dennis had goes in the Club Libelle.

Dennis flew with our newest trainee, Malik, and managed over half an hour. Anne had a circuit each with Richard and Malik at the end of the day. John Higgins, who used to fly with AUGC at Lochiel but now works in Alice Springs, arrived in the afternoon with his friend Kylie and her son Bailey. Anthony was still able to climb away with Bailey despite the incoming high cloud, while Anne got a chance to perform a nice tight 5.0G loop with Kylie. John hopes to fly solo one day and Kylie was certain she’d come back.

All in all it was a busy but enjoyable day with bubbly but workable thermals. Thanks everyone for your help and for your company at the glorious Truro pub for dinner!