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Flying Sunday 24 April 2011

A pleasant day flying with light winds & a mostly cloudless sky. Four trainees; Claudia, Markus, Tim and Regius were on field. All had either a long thermal flight or multiple flights depending on conditions. Derek Spencer and Anthony Smith got GMI out and enjoyed some thermals. Anthony used three thermals; one to 3,000 ft, the second to 3,500 ft and the third to 3,000 ft again.  The day was cycling and he obviously got up at the beginning of a cycle.  After some 35 or so minutes he fell back to earth in nothing but sink and broken bubbles.

At the end of the day Tim was sent solo on the winch and had a couple of circuits. Congratulations Tim!

Thanks to Derek & Anthony for winching as well as introducing Claudia, Regius and Markus to the winch. Thanks to Anthony for bringing up a trailer full of wood for the fire. Anthony also had a go at slashing vegetation along the 05 landing strip.

We flew until sunset and then enjoyed a BBQ dinner at the Clubhouse. Contrary to Australian BBQ tradition, our LPG gas cylinder ran out just after we had cooked the food.

Its a pity we only flew one out of the five days of Easter.