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Flying Sunday 23 January 2011

Jon Keatley arrived at the airfield with the three “guests” at 9:30 to find the hangar doors open, the winch ready to lay cables and the pie cart set up.

MI’s main wheel was reinstalled after some fiddling with the brake lever which didn’t seem to want to stop by hand initially.
The first launch was around midday and lasted 22 minutes. The other guests also got 20ish minute flights. Around 2pm Rob arrived and arranged getting MI to launch point which was DI’d shortly after and flown by Jon for 46 minutes. In the meantime, Rob tried his hand at thermalling KRO away twice before finally becoming successful for a 32 minute flight.
On an operational note; we had no weak link, rope or cable breaks! There are only two orange weak links (which I will organise with Anthony this weak) and a handful of white weak links.

The winch had a hesitation / misfire when launching cold. After the first two launches it ran perfectly all day. The front motor idle was adjusted, although it is boiling which I believe is because water was used to top it up.

We would like to thank Derek for volunteering to help and make the day possible and successful.