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Flying Sunday 22 November 2009

The day started with a Puchatek in pieces in the Main Hanger at Stonefield. Redmond Quinn and Derek Spencer had finished the Form 2 work the day before and it was ready to be re-assembled.

By about 1100 we had most of the wings on and were marveling at how much higher off the ground the pilots could sit thanks to a recharged oleo in the undercarriage. By 1200 we had explored many of the three dimensional postures that the rear seat can adopt when being reinstalled and settled on one that fitted. By 1300 Derek had installed the new front skid onto the re-glassed black base and with the DI complete we were ready to do the test flight! Derek duly donned the parachute and went through the test program with the expected result of returning the aircraft to service.

The day was pleasant with very strong cloud streets running roughly north/south directly to the east of the field. Barrossa Valley were also operating with the Blanik and Phillip Beale’s Boomerang. Derek and Richard went up for a couple of instructional flights in KRO followed by Alan and Dennis Medlow with a very pleasant flight-of-the-day up at 4,700′ under the aforementioned cloud street (which by now had become quite dark). The Motorfalke made a reappearance late in the afternoon returning from Meningue.

We packed up at 1930 with the cloud streets dissipating and an excellent wave cloud lit up by the setting sun appearing over the ranges.

Thanks to BVGC and Derek, Alan, Richard and Christian Medlow for assisting with rigging and the day’s operations. Dennis can now stake a claim for the wildlife award for the return trip home (Hyundai 1, Pigeon 0).

And many, many thanks to Redmond, Derek and everyone else that had worked on the Puchatek Form 2 over the last 4 or more weeks.