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Flying Sunday 15 June 2014

Flying didn’t start until well after lunch as we needed to rig the K13 after we had measured the CoG of the wings. After rigging the K13, we decided that we would put the new skid on as flying in the rain didn’t appeal much. Once the rain abated and the skies cleared up a little, we started operations from Rwy 23 as the grass at that end is significantly shorter than on Rwy 11.

Whilst Derek Spencer had some flights with Gabrielle Haines, Redmond Quinn slashed the first several hundred metres of Rwy 11. Redmond then had some flights with Harry and we finished up the day before last light. Both Harry and Gabrielle got 4 flights each.

A big thanks to Redmond, Leigh (who helped out all day and didn’t fly), Harry and Gabrielle.