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Flying Sunday 15 December 2013

A brilliant day with light SE winds and thermals to 5000’+ lasting to well after 1800. As there were no trainees on field all the solo pilots had the aircraft for themselves and most had 1 hour+ flights. AUGC operated the Pik and the K-13.

BVGC finished the form 2 on their Marieanne. It was good to see that aircraft in the air again with a number of their members flying. John Ingram took his K-7 out for a fly and FDU were operating aerotow and self launchers. Overall operations were quite well coordinated. Thanks to Kevin Barnes & Ted Bowden for doing a fair bit of the winching.

Ted Bowden also got to fly his new Ka6 for the first time. The aircraft is GNN which some older AUGC’s may recognise from days past at Lochiel.