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Flying Sunday 11 October 2009

It wasn’t a very good day. The longest flight was 10 minutes followed by a number of 6 minute flights. The wind was reasonably strong from the NNE and the cloud cover meant that thermals weren’t there. A small patch of blue sky went through in the afternoon (which is when the 10 minute flight occurred), but the flight only went to around 2000’.  Everyone packed up early at around 5:00pm I think, as Derek and Allan were getting tired.

Unfortunately, Allan and Derek were the only experienced people on field (and winch drivers) which meant that Allan missed out on flying. He did a great job driving the winch for everyone!

The decision to pack up was made at the right time as a number of bands of rain came past after that and the first lot of rain had some serious bolts of lightning in it. Impressive stuff!

Before the rain hit, a wave cloud had set up slightly east of the airfield up quite high. The wind was still NNE on the ground, but the wind was obviously more westerly up high.