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Flying Sunday 10 October 2010

Operations got underway reasonably early and the first 2 flights saw over an hour and half an hour respectively.

Sam and Michael took another step towards their C certificates with hour + long flights, whilst Jon and Rob both had decent soaring flights too. Hamish had a couple of circuits with Cathy Conway before they had to leave.

John Dunstall had a good 40 minute check flight with Anne Philcox who also had a quick circuit in the Pik which Tom helped to rig. Unfortunately the day was on the downer by the time we could lob the Pik into the air.

The form 2 on the Motorfalke is well underway as well, thanks to Redmond and Cath. Michael, Hamish and Cath have also been working hard on the Arrow- it’ll be great to see it flying soon!