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Flying Saturday 31 January 2015

We had a very busy day with four organisations all running operations. AUGC, Barossa Valley Gliding Club, Fly Down Under and Australian Air Force Cadets. AUGC and BVGC were doing winch launches, FDU aero-towing with the Super Dimona and AAFC aero-towing with their new Pawnee.

The wind was blowing 15-20 kts SSE to SSW and with more aircraft operating than normal, it meant that Rwys 11, 16R and 19R were all being utilised heavily. This highlighted the following:

  • The need to have a VERY good lookout whilst
    • flying
    • towing gliders back to the launch point
    • driving the winch back to the launch point
  • Good communications over the radio (not lots but good / appropriate / when required radio communication)
  • The need to plan circuits better and earlier
  • Consideration of where the aircraft rolls to a halt (i.e. DON’T stop in the middle of the intersection between 16R and 19R as you’ll block both runways). Remember that there is also runways 23, 16L, 19L that are available and can be used (so what if you have to walk a little further or tow a glider a little further!)

Days like Saturday will be occurring more and more frequently as time goes by so we need to ensure that we continue to operate to the highest standard.