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Flying Saturday 30 May 2009

We had 6 AEFs on field. Operations were underway around 11am giving some the pleasant surprise of arriving on field to see things had already started.

After a couple of check flights were out of the way, Derek gave everyone a run for their money doing aerobatics whilst Redmond used the motorfalke to give a more gentle introduction to the sport (after a jumpstart). Derek was regretting his lack of earplugs after one flight! I saw plenty of spins, loops, pushovers and high nose stalls, not to mention a few competition style finishes. Quentin was back on field for a second round, which is a good sign, and Anna signed up to train. Towards mid afternoon training flights took over from AEFs.

WVA was out of action with undercarriage door damage (to be fixed this week) but MI was well used. John Dunstall got away for 50min. On a hangar run, Redmond managed to get away, and got flight of the day by a few minutes, reaching 5000′ and having fun by the sound of things. Brenton managed to do some training in the Motorfalke and¬†visited Truro Flats for a touch and go.

At sunset, 3 aircraft were in the air which was impressive. Then packing up MI/WVA took over, and the bonfire celebrations began. Thomas had a mean BBQ prepared to see him off (thanks Derek). Thanks to all for a fun and efficient day (with some hard work put in on the winch and instructing).