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Flying Saturday 29 January 2011

Jon Keatley arrived Friday night to change the tyre on Kermit and have a play with the winch.

Saturday arrived and so did all the people! The Pik, Boomerang and Kookaburra were all rigged whilst MI and KRO were brought to launch point. Throughout the day KRO flew 3 AEF’s and 3 trainees. Redmond worked hard and his “cunning” paid off getting more soaring flights out of KRO than all the single seaters added together! Thankfully Sarah stepped up and took the Pik away for close to an hour and a half but both MI and the Boomerang were stuck doing long circuits.

Derek and Igor worked solidly n setting up internets. Whilst conditions were hot on the ground, working on the roof of the clubhouse was a lot worse. Unfortunately, the pole chosen to host the aerial was bent on erection so needs some further attention.

The day started around 8am for those on field and finished up close to 10 by the time all the gliders were hangared or derigged so thanks to everyone involved!