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Flying Saturday 28 June 2014

A blustery day with very strong winds from the SW and the odd shower of rain. Not to mention very cold. So no flying in the morning and early afternoon which was good as the new K-13 weighing had to be done. We also spent time marking out a compass rose between the AUGC hanger & the private hanger so we can swing the compass in the new K-13.

By mid afternoon the weather started to moderate and by 1530ish we were able to get the K-13 out and down to RWY 23. We had 2 AEFs, each of which had 2 flights, and then 2 training flights before the lack of daylight meant we had to pack up for the day. All the flights had good launches due to wind aloft but were essentially extended circuits.

The evening was spent releasing stored carbon from wood and having a BBQ.