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Flying Saturday 27 September 2014

Derek Spencer had a lovely 1 hr 22 minutes in the K13 with Teck Lee, a friend of Cath Conway. They topped out at 8000’ although he estimated that cloud base would have been about 9500’. The average thermal was about 4-5 knots with the better thermals at 6-7 knots. They cruised off towards Blanchetown, then north over the Scouts airfield and then back to Stonefield and as theyhad plenty of height to spare. Derek showed Teck just what a old glider like a K13 could really do. It was fun!

Congratulations to The Baron (aka Kim Van Wessem) for converting to his Cherokee. As it was later in the day, the thermals weren’t cranking like they were earlier in the day, so he only got some extended circuits rather than a nice long soaring flight. There are more summer days on the way and we’re sure he’ll be able to enjoy his glider a bit more then.

A big thanks to James McNeill who helped out all day but also plumbed in the washing machine in the toilet / shower area. Great work James!