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Flying Saturday 27 May 2017

Saturday flying conditions were “interesting”, with the windsock horizontal for a fair bit of the day. Given the wind, it was pretty obvious that the K8 wasn’t coming out to play, so we just got the K13 out initially. We had little expectation of great soaring weather since the forecasts had all been a bit doom-and-gloom (rain, wind, asteroids…). Still, with that wind coming from northwest across the ridge, it was possible that there might be some wave action, so we kept our eyes open for that. There most certainly was wave about but it was high and hard to access. It did trigger some thermals and, while they were broken and hard to work, there was some good lift to be had if you could find it. Later in the afternoon, a Pawnee arrived that we were expecting to contain Cath Conway but, in fact, contained a rather helpful chap named John who gave Tom Wilcsh a bit of aerotow practice in the Pik. Cath showed up in her 4WD a bit afterward with the makings of a BBQ, and proceeded to cook up a storm (along with Leigh Stokes). Just before dinner, Andrew McGrath arrived (with two kids in tow).