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Flying Saturday 25 July 2009

A late start to the day due to the hanger construction works being undertaken. When flying started around 1300 it was mainly circuits. Kolin and Dahe were able to get a training flight and Brenton was able to get flight of the day with 19 minutes. An AEF (Chris George) was flown and he may return as a trainee. Georgia Tyler was introduced to the joys of launch emergencies and Alexis Tyler was shown how not to do loops by the CFI.

A big thank you to Mark Tyler who once again drove the winch for the day and to Derek who cooked an excellent BBQ burger dinner.

Redmond & Derek spent a lot of time with bobcats, lasers, vibrators (rollers) and jackhammers and as a result the new hanger site is looking more like a new hanger site.