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Flying Saturday 20 September 2014

Thank you to everyone on field on Saturday for pitching in and helping with driving the winch, retrieving gliders and running the launch point.

Initially it seemed like the day was going to be really good but the K13 and the K8 struggled to get away. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that the K8 and the Pik got away with both reporting tops of 7000’. A big congratulations to Leigh Stokes who made it to Waikerie and back in the Pik. Great effort, well done. Derek Spencer was in the K13 with Darren and got a birds eye view of Leigh’s high speed final glide back to the airfield. Looked great from the air!

Barron Von Wessem (aka Kim) got a nice 2 hour flight in the K8. Also, welcome back to Leigh Killmier who dusted off the cobwebs and got himself back into the K8.