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Flying Saturday 18 June 2011

We had a small scale operation at Stonefield.

The day started with installing cable on the FDU winch.  It was then used to provide launches through the day. We used the cable drogues and ends off the SAA winch.  They promptly rejected the new imposter by breaking on each of the first 2 launches (neither was a weak link!).

James Eadie got in some good circuit and spin practice and Michael Conway advanced his back seat training.

When Derek left the Motorfalke at Stonefield after the Flinders trip he suspected there were mice in the aircraft and left 2 mousetraps set on the parcel shelf.  There is now 1 less mouse.  Both traps were left set so mind your fingers next weekend!

And we enjoyed a quiet BBQ and bonfire at the end of the day.