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Flying Saturday 16 March 2013

A day that started out well and promised some early thermals unfortunately soon clouded over as moisture-laden air from the South moved in, along with a steadily increasing wind that prematurely ended the flying day. Tel & Kim were able to get some flights unfortunately Wai-Keet missed out. Rain showers were spotted south of the field but they didn’t eventuate.

The early end of the day enabled Konrad (from FDU) to demonstrate the ancient German art of winch cable splicing – you can actually join winch wire together with no swages! Some stranded cable was then wound onto one drum of the BVGC trailer winch for testing on Sunday.

The day ended with an SAA meeting and a BBQ, ably cooked by Kim & Wai-Keet in the face of a heat challenged BBQ – due to the wind which increased even more as the night fell. Thanks to Derek for manning the winch all day.