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Flying Saturday 12 August 2017

The day initially looked promising with lovely clear blue skies, warm sunny conditions and low winds. The guys from BVGC gave us all hope of great soaring conditions by launching first and staying up in the Marianne for over an hour at around 4500′. However, while they were up enjoying themselves, a blanket of high cirrus cloud drifted over the area. Before long everything was clagged-in and more-or-less thermal-less. Still, Derek Spencer managed to give AQ a successful post-Form 2 flight-test after a couple of unsuccessful efforts to stay up long enough to do so. After that he took our Trainee Zaw up for a bunch of circuits while Teal managed to keep the Ka-8 up for 18 minutes, in a single bubble of zero-sink, and Cath Conway got her Ventus out for a fly.