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Flying Saturday 10 August 2013

A brilliant winters day at Stonefield, light winds and plenty of Cu. Good flights were had in the K-13 & Single Astir to 3200′. Sarah & Derek¬† (& Leigh?) got some good ‘me’ time in the aircraft. Kym & Myron continued their training and Michael Conway took an AEF for a soaring flight.

Unfortunately the K-13’s wheel invented a new way to make the aircraft unserviceable near the end of the day. We took the decision to stop flying and derig the K-13 as it was coming out of service the following Sat anyway for its annual Form 2 inspection. As a result some of the inspection work was able to start early but it means the AEF flying planned for next weekend will not be able to utilise a K-13 (Astir is available though – so single seater pilots can still fly).

This week we are planning more work on the MotorFalke – Tuesday probably. We need to get the MotorFalke back in the air so we when the K-13 comes out of service we can still fly.

As we don’t have a K-13 trailer we are conducting the inspection work at Stonefield so we’ll probably need a crew up there next weekend to lend a hand with most of the inspection work. Redmond will advise what is needed later in the week.