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Flying 3 & 4 March 2018

Saturday was looking promising for another Silver C XC attempt in the K8. It was forecast for a late start with the possibility of convergence out to the east of the airfield. It turned out that it was a late start but the convergence was west of the airfield.

Darren made a second attempt in the K8 to get his Silver C distance. He made the first attempt (verified by Spot Tracker) but due to an issue with the logger, he couldn’t claim the distance. This time though, he made the distance there but not quite back and outlanded just east of Eudunda. Unfortunately, he was unable to take full advantage of the convergence and the head-wind that picked up late in the day was a little bit too much for the K8. However he was succesful because the logger recorded that he made it past his turn point and completed the 50km. He also completed a safe outlanding. The retrieve itself went smoothly with no issues. We just need to rig the K8 next weekend, so ALL good! Thanks to everyone who helped out on the retrieve and to those who had dinner waiting for the retrieve crew when they got back. Awesome work all!

Sunday was a very busy day with 3 AEFs, a Trainee, a visiting pilot from Canada and a pilot in training for a Pik conversion. So, a BIG thanks to everyone for helping out on the day. Sunday was one of the best run days seen at the airfield in a long time. The efficiency of retrieving gliders, working the winch, timesheet updates and having the gliders, with pilots ready to go, was just great.